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Experts in corrosive environments such as food-, pharma- and offshore industries.

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Documentation and traceability in all processes.

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Cutting machining, welding, surface finishing and measurement.

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Certificated – DS / EN ISO 9001 + DS / EN ISO 14001.


Gromas provides high-end mechanical solutions and components for Food-, Medico- and Maritime applications.

As a global supplier to these industries, we have the know-how, process management and the certificates that are required to produce high quality products and ensure traceability to materials and processes.
The products we are manufacturing are most often developed for use in critical environments and situations, where human lives and valuable material assets are at stake each day.

Gromas’s Business Areas cover:

The company was founded in 1984, and since 1998, Gromas has worked closely with system providers and OEM customers to the Food-, Medico- and Maritime sector in Northern Europe. Through these relationships, Gromas has established deep knowledge and understanding of our customer’s situations and needs.

Gromas is headquartered in Denmark, with production facilities at Aarhus and Odder.