Gromas Maskinfabrik A/S will continuously work on optimizing internal work processes to create a good internal work environment and to reduce the impact on the external environment.

Since 2012, Gromas Maskinfabrik A/S has been certified according to DS/EN ISO 14001 and works according to the following environmental policies.

Environmental policy

  • Employees at Gromas Maskinfabrik A/S are trained to act in accordance with the company's environmental objectives.
  • Gromas Maskinfabrik A/S will work towards coordinating transport of raw materials to the company, with the aim of reducing both noise and environmental pollution during many transport.

Environmental Goals

  • The goal for the environment is, that energy must be used as efficiently as possible, emissions to air and water must be minimized, and pollution must be prevented in every respect.
  • Gromas Maskinfabrik A/S will be certified according to DS/EN ISO 14001 and will comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulatory requirements.