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Experts in corrosive environments such as food-, pharma- and offshore industries.

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Documentation and traceability in all processes.

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Cutting machining, welding, surface finishing and measurement.

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Certificated – DS / EN ISO 9001 + DS / EN ISO 14001.


Gromas provides high-end mechanical solutions and components for Food, Medico and Maritime applications. And hereby the entire organization has experience and knowhow in manufacturing and assemblies of precision components.

Products specifically for your needs

We manufacture items in Aluminum, Stainless steel, Duplex, Titan and high alloy materials, on high-tech machines and joining is carried out by our competent forging department. We are quick to adapt, and our competent and flexible employees can meet even the highest tolerance requirements and the most complex tasks.


Is a crucial factor in our daily lives, and we therefore have equipment for honing, grinding, polishing and glass blowing, so that your products can get the right finish, whether it is food safety, tolerance requirements or just the visuals. Optimal logistics. With close partners in all relevant surface treatment types, we ensure your products the right finishing, of eg. Hard chromium, anodising, Teflon coating, Curing and Heat treatment.

Quality and Traceability

In the quality department, we have advanced equipment and know-how for measuring virtually all GPS parameters. We are specialists in geometric measurement, and can help with everything from simple measurements to advanced analysis of the products. Complete traceability and documentation of all processes and measurements are archived and can be delivered upon request.

Safely leave the total logistics to us, so you can concentrate on your core competencies.